[labplot] How to customize axis major tick steps?

Ramiro Téllez Sanz urcindalo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 11:38:02 BST 2019


I'm starting to use LabPlot (instead of QtiPlot) as my default plotting 
and fitting package. So, first of all I apologize if my question is 
trivial or if it's been answered before.

I'd like to customize the axis ticks so that, for instance, major ticks 
are spaced out 15 units. In QtiPlot that is pretty easy, since you have 
a "Step" field where you select how many units major ticks are to be 
separated. However, in LabPlot, all I can see under the "Ticks" tab is 
how many major ticks I want, but I can't control their "step".

Is there any way of setting a fixed step value between major ticks? What 
should I do if I wanted them to be separated by *exactly* 15 units, for 
instance, but only 14 or 17 unit steps are possible when setting the 
number of major ticks?

Thanks in advance.

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