D21684: Hypothesis test: Dock and View for t test and z test

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> sgerlach wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:334
> very similar to TestT. Put everything general for all tests outside the conditional blocks.


For now these things are same, but will change later.

In two these cases, I have put blocks of calculating results and setting result model.

This will be customized according to test.

Things which are common like calculating, std, mean, sum and count are kept outside the conditional blocks

> sgerlach wrote in HypothesisTestDock.cpp:282
> shouldn't this be "test == ttest"? Using switch would make it more readable.

no ttest and ztest are boolean values. They are not enum values and enums TestT and TestZ are private members of HypothesisTest.cpp and is not intended to make useable to other files.

The rationale is to provide functions for performing each test like there are functions called perfromTwoSampleIndependetTTest() and performTwoSampleIndependentZTest.

This makes it more abstract.

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