D18319: Improve LiveDataDock and import widget

Christoph Roick noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 30 09:53:07 GMT 2019

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> asemke wrote in MainWin.cpp:1923
> this piece of code you removed now made sure we don't connect to the same broker twice. Here we also showed an message to the user to make this clear. To me it make sense. We should maybe adapt this logic and extend it to other data sources, too. Was there any reason to remove this logic? You partially moved this logic to LiveDataDock::setMQTTClient(), right?

Initially I removed this, because there was no check for the port, which makes this check exclude more hosts than required, but then I added that logic in the dock widget.
In my opinion it should be up to the user to manage the number of distinct clients. There might be a reason to split them. I would show a warning at most, but let the user decide if it still is what was intended.

On the other hand, that should not be part of this patch. So I will take it back in (including a check for the port number).

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