D18235: Meridian flips handled by Mount

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  In D18235#398781 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18235#398781>, @TallFurryMan wrote:
  > There's something I'd like clarified.
  >  First, if the mount is set east of the meridian at an original position, and is not tracking, and we wait long enough that if it was tracking, it would flip. What happens if we then start tracking from that eastern position? Do we get an unneeded and ineffective flip request?
  No, we don't. If we stop tracking, the meridian flip state is set back to "none" and nothing happens. As soon as we turn on tracking, a new target position is set. When this target position crosses the meridian, a flip is requested and executed.
  > Second, if a capture overlaps the meridian flip, I don't readily understand whether the capture is aborted, the flip executed, and the capture restarted, or if the capture continues and delays the flip, potentially for very long.
  Nope, that’s why I introduced the request-accept mechanism. The mount requests to execute a flip, as soon as the meridian has been crossed by the given distance. If a capture is ongoing, capture answers with „wait“. As soon as the capture is completed, capture interrupts the sequence and sends an „accept“ to mount. Now mount executes the flip. As soon as the flip is completed, capture continues.
  This is nothing new, this behaviour did not change. What changed is that the meridian flip is executed by mount and no longer by capture. The advantage is, that a meridian flip will be executed even if no capture takes place. This is especially important, if a capture sequence is interrupted by clouds. In the past, this prevented a meridian flip. Now, the meridian flip takes place as soon as the meridian has been crossed - no matter whether capturing takes place or not.
  > This situation could be pre-planned by Scheduler.
  >  I'm sorry, I couldn't test all this. But this seems really good.
  Good point. Personally, I would like to shift the meridian flip parameters from capture to the scheduler. But let's come back to this point as soon as we have this diff stable.


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