Porting 1x1 trainer to KDE edu?

Andreas Nicolai andreas.nicolai at gmx.net
Wed Jan 23 15:49:27 GMT 2019

Hi all,

it's been a while since I had time to do something for the edutainment
group, but now my kids are in school and there is a reason to work on
educative software again :-)

Since we have KBruch already, how about a small base multiplication
tool. I have made a first version (using Qt only) which is available on


Its german for now, and on linux you have to compile it yourself with
Qt, but it works already fine (and with the highscore and progress chart
it is surprisingly motivating... something I "stole" from the new KTouch :-)

So, here's the question... does it fit into kdeedu?

What's you opinion?

Greetings from Dresden,

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