D18235: Meridian flips handled by Mount

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  In D18235#398264 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18235#398264>, @mutlaqja wrote:
  > Ok looks like it's clear tonight, so I'm ready to test it. Do you think you can add the non-tracking case as well today?
  I had it running during the lunar eclipse <https://www.sterne-jaeger.de/Neueste-Fotos/i-sdLkL7L/A> on Monday and it ran fine. So for normal operations, it should be stable enough to test in in reality.
  The changes for non tracking, parked/parking etc. are not that stable yet and are slightly tricky. It's not only about adding one or two checks. Since I currently work only in the evening and on weekends on it, I cannot promise it.

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