D17945: Tutorial screen added for odd even activity

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  In D17945#395250 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17945#395250>, @amankumargupta wrote:
  > Regarding the way of presenting the practice questions (whether my suggestion is good enough), I'd say let @jjazeix reply.
  I have no preference. One allow to go back to the other questions (but it's not really needed I think), and if we want to skip the Tutorial, the child can click on Skip.
  Instead, if we use only one Tutorial "slide" would be interested to have an endless tutorial (generate even and odd numbers, click on (rand()%2) ? "even" : "odd" number).
  @echarruau is it interested in a pedagogical point of view or should we keep a fixed number of exercices in the tutorial? (at some point, the child has to start playing...)

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