D18230: Added admin mode to question and answer activity

emmanuel charruau noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 16 21:45:53 GMT 2019

echarruau added a comment.

  I don't know how much work you have done on it, if it comes from Amit or you but the activity seems much nicer than the last time I saw it.
  I saw a few points to improve, even if I did not have a look to the code yet.
  - When I reduce the size of GCompris the equal sign (=) goes under the numbers. You could work on font size to avoid this but in any case the = sign needs to stay on the same line
  - In the admin config menu, numbers are too far from their select box and I did not know if the select box was assigned to the right or the left numbers
  - Admin config: could you increase the fonts
  - Admin config: when reducing some part of the questions disappear, you can rearange then with a flow
  -Main window: if the display is too small to display all the questions, the up and down blue arrows used in the config window should appear.
  Dataset.js must be placed in ressource directory (see activity categorisation to have an example). First we can build it with a qml file like in categorisation, could become a json later on.
  This activity needs to be very generic, questions could be similar to the following one "What is the name of the french capital?" and the activity needs to be able to cope with the position of the quetion and the answer and the size of the answer (answer being given in the qml file we can adapt the size of the answer area).
  Good luck :)

  R2 GCompris


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