D18235: Meridian flips handled by Mount

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 16 08:37:20 GMT 2019

TallFurryMan added inline comments.


> wreissenberger wrote in mount.cpp:46
> The idea here is, that I start a timer with 12000ms waiting for a response to MF_PLANNED. If no MF_WAITING or MF_ACCEPTED follows within this period, a meridian flip is issued.

My question would be better formulated as "why specifically 12 seconds?".
I understand it is arbitrary, but it should perhaps be related to a timer value in Capture as primary module that could be annoyed?
Or maybe a simple TODO asking for a customizable delay in the Ekos options?

> wreissenberger wrote in mount.cpp:502
> Right, but only used within Mount, so I see no risk here.

I disagree: this is the source for the d-bus property currentTarget, and as such you don't control when it can be accessed.
Could this be an object instead of a pointer? So that it may be uninitialized or plain wrong, but never undefined?

> wreissenberger wrote in mount.cpp:886
> Unclear, what you mean here. Please be more specific.

I was thinking aloud about what would happen if no alignment takes place during the procedure, KStars requests a slew on the good side of the pier, but the telescope remains on the wrong side of the pier. Let's not consider this situation.

> wreissenberger wrote in mount.cpp:903
> Nope, checkbox unset already covered in line 886 above.

True enough, sorry.

> wreissenberger wrote in mount.h:59
> Better naming idea?

Well, the same MF_ prefix makes Mount::MeridianFlipStatus and Capture::MFStage similar.
Both are public declarations, and both are enums, so there could be a way to use one instead of the other by mistake.
Tentative: FLIP_IDLE, FLIP_PLANNED, FLIP_WAITING... like the parking status. The MF in Capture is probably similar to the others.

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