D17739: Add a po file for the list of words in GCompris

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Sat Jan 12 17:23:00 GMT 2019

jjazeix added a comment.

  In D17739#391965 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D17739#391965>, @huftis wrote:
  > The information seems sufficient. But could you split it over two lines instead, and add space after colon? I recommend:
  > #. Description: "alphabet"
  >  #. Image: https://www.gcompris.net/incoming/lang/lang/words/alphabet.png
  I can change it to:
  #. otherChapter / number / 10.ogg
  #. https://gcompris.net/incoming/lang/words.html#ten
  #: https://gcompris.net/incoming/lang/words.html#ten
  msgid "ten"
  msgstr ""
  This way, the text to translate is really the description, not the sound file?
  > It’s not clear what the strings will be used for. Will the text be used even if there isn’t an audio file in the given language?
  Yes, the text will be used even if there is no audio. If the word is not translated, the english word is not used at all in the category to learn. For example, in the colors, in red is not translated, we wll display all the words except this one.
  The plan is to use StaticMessages.sh to fill back the content-$lang.json. There is an internal api to convert back from the audio file to the description, we don't display the ogg file.
  > And if so, shouldn’t it be taken from `content-en.json` (if not empty) instead of from the file name (e.g. "seven" instead of U0037)? And if the English string in ‘content-en.json’ is missing, at least the underscore in the filename should be converted to a space (e.g. ‘air_horn’ → ‘air horn’).

  R2 GCompris


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