D17945: Tutorial screen added for odd even activity

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 9 13:26:11 GMT 2019

jjazeix added a comment.

  You need to remove the changes in AlphabetSequence.qml and planegame.js, it should not appear here (same for the Tutorial, you should have rebased on master and not have the changed displayed).


> NumbersOddEven.qml:21
>  import "../planegame"
> +import "../../core"
> +import "../planegame/planegame.js" as Activity

both shouldn't be needed.

> NumbersOddEven.qml:75
> +
> +     // Tutorial section starts
> +     Image {

this should be in Planegame.qml (in the pageComponent).
You should have a boolean at Planegame level (so activity), telling if you display or not the tutorial.
The visible property of the tutorial should be binded to this boolean.
In NumberOddEven.qml, you should set this boolean to true.

You also need to handle the fact that if there is a Tutorial, the activity behind should not start and start only when "Skip" is pressed.

> tutorial3.qml:1
> +/* GCompris - tutorial3.qml
> + *

you can probably refactor tutorial3, tutorial4 and tutorial5 to one Item and just change the numbers to avoid code duplications.

> tutorial3.qml:51
> +
> +        GCText {
> +           id:evenNumber


  R2 GCompris


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