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  Hi Simone,
  first, thanks for your contribution. New lessons are very valuable to project. While your course fixes a few shortcomings of the old lessons I don't think the old ones have no place in KTouch. Especially the later lessons with complete meaningful sentences provide good training material. For this reason I would like to ship your lessons to KTouch in addition to the current course. You don't have to prepare a patch adding your course while retaining the old one, I can do this myself. Just please fix the issues I have raised in the other comments.


> it.xml:4
> +  <id>{ac42f85a-7d50-4ab6-8709-9c52cff2859a}</id>
>    <title>Italiano</title>
> +  <description>Generated using ktouch-lesson-generator

Please change to "Italian (automatically generated)" in Italian.

> it.xml:5
>    <title>Italiano</title>
> -  <description>File di addestramento tratto da &#xAB;Appunti di informatica
> - libera&#xBB;</description>
> +  <description>Generated using ktouch-lesson-generator
> +by Simone Gaiarin <simgunz at gmail.com></description>

Please translate description to Italian.

  R336 KTouch


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