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Devanshu Agarwal agarwaldevanshu8 at
Thu Feb 28 16:59:19 GMT 2019

Hello Sir/Mam
I am Devanshu Agarwal from IIT Dharwad (India). I was going through the
project of statical analysis in labplot and I am very much interested to
take it as my GSoC Project.

I have done some work in machine learning and statistics. Have completed
the course on Data Analytics from my institute. Have also done last year
summer internship on analysis of satellite data at IIT Delhi. Here is the
link of some codes which i made project along with my report  and
assignments (done apart from project)  ;[project
<>, report
assignments <>]
Regarding c++ I have done some comptetive programming in c++ and I think
will be able to adabt your coding styles quickly.

To get along the workflow of this project, I am working on my first
contribution of juinor bug and will complete it as soon as possible and
then will get back to you. This is my first contribution in open source and
my term examinations are going on so it may take more time than usual but
will try my best.

Please inform me about the separate mailing list or irc channel to discuss
about issues and projects on labplot, if there exists any. Also please get
in touch with me so that I can get the correct guidance and can produce
some considerable contibution in labplot.

Sorry, for this long email.
Devanshu Agarwal
github id:
irc username & nickname: agdeva8
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