D18764: Show upper & lowercase letters in KLettres

Albert Astals Cid noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Feb 5 18:44:19 GMT 2019

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> shubham wrote in main.cpp:75
> Sorry, but you can not credit yourself unless you are a maintainer, developer or a documenter  who has done significant amount of contribution to the project.

@shubham While what you say is true that it is our custom I would have preferred if you would have been a bit more tactful while conveying the information. Something like

"Thanks for the patch, our current practices say that we only add people with significant contributions to the credits, so if we accept the patch we would do it without your name in the credits"

or something similar. It says the same but i think it's easier to read by the other person.

  R333 KLettres


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