D23419: Fix problems when importing new Data

Martin Marmsoler noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Aug 25 20:33:45 BST 2019

Murmele added inline comments.


> asemke wrote in Project.cpp:268
> where is the pointer column defined?

at the beginning of the function:

void Project::descriptionChanged(const AbstractAspect* aspect) {
	if (isLoading())


if (this != aspect) {

  		const AbstractColumn* column = dynamic_cast<const AbstractColumn*>(aspect);

> asemke wrote in Spreadsheet.cpp:908
> where is this signal consumed?

In macrosXYCurve.h
it is connected to ColumnAboutToBeRemoved

> asemke wrote in XYCurve.h:136
> do I see it correctly that with this patch the connection of a column with a curve is lost if the column is renamed? At the moment it's possible to rename the columns (for example from "my great y-data" to "my great and fancy y-data") without affecting the curves - is this not possible anymore since we work now with your patch with names and not with the pointers anymore?

This makes the call of reset() from the column. This signal is connected to ColumnAboutToBeRemoved in XYCurve
see macrosXYCurve.h

template instead of a macro would be better, but I don't know how to create one in this case

  R262 LabPlot


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