D15837: Fix for the Dome interface

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Sep 29 17:23:49 BST 2018

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  Added flag UniqueConnection to some D-Bus signal connections, and some logs.
  Removed duplicated property 'logText' in mount interface.
  Fixed syntax error in dome XML interface.
  The introspection mechanism is using the source XML interface descriptions to generate a MOC object.
  When there is a syntax error in a XML description, the build stops extracting entry points from the description and DOES NOT produce any error.
  This leads to an incomplete D-Bus interface, with missing properties/calls/signals (the ones after the syntax error).
  The problem is that no connect() call has its return code checked nowhere in the code, so probably an encapsulation of this call would be a good idea.
  On the other hand, we could make the build fail in such situation, but I don't know how to manage this yet.

  Load Scheduler test vector 'simple_test_no_twilight.esl', ensure a Dome is in the INDI profile.
  Uncheck "Unpark dome", start the Scheduler. Observe as jobs start executing.
  Before the end of the schedule, stop the Scheduler, check "Unpark dome", restart the Scheduler.
  Without the change, Scheduler hangs for 30 seconds waiting for the dome, disconnects INDI/Ekos, restarts, etc, until failing and stopping.
  With the change, Scheduler waits for the dome to unpark and continues the schedule.

  R321 KStars

  bugfix__dome_interface_fix (branched from master)



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