Hi ! Astronomy app - constellations atlas

Kari Karjalainen kari.karjalainen at suomi24.fi
Thu Sep 6 22:01:39 BST 2018


I do not know who and for what email should I write?

You have a very good astronomy software

I have an idea / request for you – could you please make a website based
application for mobile phones and tablets?

You have a cool professional team that can create an application – an electronic
atlas of the constellations.

Such an atlas of constellations-for example, you open an application and post it
on a page where the names of all the constellations are collected. Then you
click on the constellation you are interested in and get to the page where all
the interesting objects in this constellation are collected. This is the way I
see it :) You can see in another way how such an application might look.

If you are interested in creating such a project – this will be a super gift to
all lovers of astronomy !!!

In general, this is the idea that arose from his own experience of astronomy and
communication with other amateur astronomers.

Yours sincerely!!!
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