D16429: [WIP] Rewrite of Scheduler planning

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Oct 28 17:46:31 GMT 2018

TallFurryMan added a comment.

  This weekend I found out that most calculations in the scheduler were using the current date instead of the job date (which could be the next day, thus offset with ~15min), and that sometimes local to universal conversions were using the time zone of the system running KStars, instead of the geographic location of the observatory. But trying for instance to calculate the culmination of a target at a future date is somewhat tricky with the current code.


> yurchor wrote in scheduler.cpp:977
> Is this second semicolon important?

Seems to be a copy&paste error, thanks!

> yurchor wrote in scheduler.cpp:2333
> Typo: best->the best

Arguable but OK. Will address the FIXME soon anyway.

> yurchor wrote in scheduler.h:445
> Actually, this should be
>   * param observationDateTime when ...
> to not confusing doxygen.

Thanks, I'll sync declaration and definition.

  R321 KStars


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