D16058: Move "Remember Job Progress" to Scheduler option pane.

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  Thanks for these comments!
  In D16058#340619 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16058#340619>, @wreissenberger wrote:
  > I am slightly skeptical about the new flag `Always Reset Sequence When Starting`. What does this mean from the `Scheduler` perspective? Is it ignored or does it implicitly mean `Remember Job Progress = NO`?
  From Scheduler perspective, the flag has to be ignored by Capture because Scheduler provides a captured frame map. Scheduler overrides Capture, and not the opposite.
  If Remember Job Progress is not set, then Capture honors Always Reset Sequence When Starting. But it doesn't make any difference as a new sequence is started.
  In any case, I still need to remove the block of code initializing the count of captures from sequenceID inserted by Jasem on Sep 24, because I believe a coherent Capture should not consider storage, only what it already executed.
  If Capture finds a signature matching the sequence it is processing in the frame map, it will initialise the completed count of the sequence job with the value in the map.
  However I already see a slight problem in terms of UI: currently the count is initialized when the job is //prepared//, not when the frame map is //received//.
  This means the X/N count will be updated from the frame map only when a sequence job starts. And it can happen that this count is lost if the end-user stops Capture.
  That's probably fixable by moving the count initialization to the function receiving the map item.
  In D16058#340625 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16058#340625>, @wreissenberger wrote:
  > From I simplicity point of view, I would recommend **not** introducing this flag, as long as we have the reset buttons. It's meaning might be misinterpreted.
  >  ... and it's behavior is different depending on whether the sequence has been freshly loaded or not.
  I would agree, but as stated by Jasem, we would lose the use case "Anytime I Press Start, I Want All Jobs Processed" if we don't keep some sort of Remember Job Progress for the Capture module.
  And we do see that the option is now different from the one used in the Scheduler.

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