D13228: Qt5.11 fix

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> garvitkhatri wrote in MatrixView.h:35
> Hey just to make sure I don't do this again in future, we add in .cpp when it is a requirement of implementation, and add this to .h file if this is the requirement of both implementation and definition?

We don't add include in the header if we don't need the full information about the class and it is sufficient to work with "incomplete types". This is the case if we only have pointers or references to objects declared in the header file you try to include. In such cases it is enough to have "forward declaration" in the header file and to include in the cpp file - this helps to reduce the dependencies between the source files and to speed up the compilation times. You can find more information on this if you search for "forward declaration", e.g. here http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/class

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