D14411: Download and use localization files for KStars Lite

Aleix Pol Gonzalez noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Jul 27 14:49:19 BST 2018

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  Please no. Don't ifdef our framework out. This is absurd.
  Let's fix it once and have it work.
  If libintl-lite doesn't do the job, let's replace it with one of the alternatives, but let's not just workaround ourselves.


> CMakeLists.txt:17
> +    # Download the translations if KStars Lite is built
> +    SET(KDE_L10N_BRANCH "trunk")

When you build kstars lite you need to fetch translations?

I think it's better if we pass `-DKDE_L10N_AUTO_TRANSLATIONS=ON` when we need  to fetch translations.

> catalogdb.cpp:24
> +
> +#define i18n(a) gettext(a)
> +#endif

Why do you do the define thing and replace it anyway?

> catalogdb.cpp:814
>          if (showerrs)
> -            errs.append(i18n("Parsing header: ") + i18n("No valid column descriptors found.  Exiting"));
> +            errs.append(QString(i18n("Parsing header: ")) + i18n("No valid column descriptors found.  Exiting"));
>          return false;

This QString constructor is wrong here, i18n returns a QString.

> colorscheme.cpp:113
> +#else
>          qWarning() << i18n("No color named \"%1\" found in color scheme.", name);
> +#endif

It's a warning, maybe not really worth translating ever?

  R321 KStars


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