D14411: Download and use localization files for KStars Lite

Pino Toscano noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Jul 26 21:04:47 BST 2018

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  This does not look good for different reasons:
  - the KI18n framework is marked as working on Android (and looking at its git history, there were fixes for it); hence, if it still does not  work, please fix it instead (so it will work for kstars //any// any other KI18n-based application)
  - if you really need to define i18n() as gettext(), then wrap it as QString::fromUtf8(), otherwise the encoding is completely wrong (implicit char* -> QString cast uses latin1/ascii)
  - it mixes unrelated changes (like header reshuffling) -- please make sure each commit is **not** an aggregate of many unrelated changes!
  - all the various string changes, like the introduction of string puzzles, are big no-no
  Please get KI18n to work: all these changes are intrusive, and wrong, workarounds to that.

  R321 KStars


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