Cantor 17.12 crashes working with R and Sage backends and is very slow with some other ones on Arch Linux.

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Sun Jan 28 12:41:28 UTC 2018

Hi Fernando,

I refactored the code a bit, should be more stable now. Can you please 
give it another try?


On 18.01.2018 22:24, Alexander Semke wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> On 16.01.2018 02:27, Fernando de Morais wrote:
>> Finally I managed to generate backtraces through the crashes occurred 
>> in the recompiled version of Cantor. Again, I used the same 
>> expression, "2+2" ("2+2;" for Maxima), in Sage and Maxima backends.
> The call stack looks really strange. I don't have any explanation for 
> this at the moment. Can you also please send the debug output you get 
> if you start Cantor in the terminal?
> Regards,
> Alexander

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