Proposal discussion for Cantor: Python 3 as the only backend officially supported

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Sun Jan 21 10:43:44 UTC 2018

On 16.01.2018 01:37, Aleix Pol wrote:
> Would it be worthy of a GSoC project to make sure the main important
> ones are available? I think it's very important to at least keep R
> around.
At the moment the handling for different backends is different which 
makes the maintainability hard. Also, this current implementation is not 
always quite stable, I think, see also the other thread with problems 
reported with maxima and sage. Python2 runs embedded in Cantor's 
process, python3 and julia are executed in an external "server", for 
other backends stdout is used directly. I think this whole "login" code 
can be simplified a bit. Such kind of refactoring can be too much for a 
GSoC-project however...

Filipe, are you going to mentor a GCoC project for Cantor this year? 
There are no projects listed on yet.. Should we maybe invest 
into the usability of the worksheet during GSoC? Things like collapsible 
cells, etc. need to be implemented. I could help here with the 
formulation of the project and with mentoring. In parallel we can work 
on the refactoring and on the simplification of the login-stuff.


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