D9957: Adding hints and other features to ascending_order branch (pending proposals from community) (based on ascending_order branch)

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Jan 18 20:39:22 UTC 2018

jjazeix added a comment.

  git apply ascending.diff
  ascending.diff:398: trailing whitespace.
    		<polygon fill="#BAD806" points="497.354,926.124 506.997,955.802 538.203,955.802 512.957,974.145 522.6,1003.823 
  ascending.diff:400: trailing whitespace.
    		<polygon fill="#5A0E2E" points="548.737,926.124 558.381,955.802 589.587,955.802 564.34,974.145 573.984,1003.823 
  ascending.diff:402: trailing whitespace.
    		<polygon fill="#653BF4" points="600.066,926.124 609.709,955.802 640.915,955.802 615.669,974.145 625.312,1003.823 
  ascending.diff:404: trailing whitespace.
    		<polygon fill="#99A372" points="651.415,926.124 661.058,955.802 692.264,955.802 667.018,974.145 676.661,1003.823 
  ascending.diff:406: trailing whitespace.
    		<polygon fill="#F068F6" points="702.775,926.124 712.418,955.802 743.624,955.802 718.378,974.145 728.021,1003.823 
  error: patch failed: src/activities/alphabetical_order/alphabetical_order.svg:1
  error: src/activities/alphabetical_order/alphabetical_order.svg: patch does not apply
  error: patch failed: src/activities/ascending_order/ascending_order.svg:1
  error: src/activities/ascending_order/ascending_order.svg: patch does not apply
  Note that there are no reason to have changes on the icons


> ActivityInfo.qml:37
> +    manual: qsTr("You are provided with few alphabets. Drag and Drop the alphabets in its correct position to reorder the numbers in ascending or descending order as instructed")
> +    section: "math"
> +    createdInVersion: 8000


  R2 GCompris


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