Cantor 17.12 crashes working with R and Sage backends and is very slow with some other ones on Arch Linux.

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Fri Jan 12 08:27:29 UTC 2018

Hello Fernando,

can you provide more specific description of the problems you're facing? 
To track the different problems more easier it's better to create 
different bug reports on for Cantor.

For crashes please attach the the corresponding crash dumps and describe 
the steps that lead to the crash(es).

You mention the slowness of Cantor in your subject. Is it like it's 
always slow for you or is it only slow for some specific calculations?


On 11.01.2018 23:05, Fernando de Morais wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Fernando de Morais, I'm form Brazil and attend as 
> fernando_morais at Arch Linux community.
> I'm working with cantor for a while now to facilitate my research 
> documentation in the field of digital signal processing, and I like to 
> thank you and the develop team for this application.
> Recently I'm applying my studies with SageMath and R. This two 
> backends runs fine standalone, but not through Cantor 17.12 in my 
> arch, using latest Plasma and KDE packages.
> I'd like to use Cantor instead Jupyter Notebook as a SageMath 
> frontend, for many reasons.
> Can you help me? Maybe others are facing the same problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Atenciosamente,
> *José Fernando de Morais Firmino.
> *
> Graduando no Curso Superior de Tecnologia em Automação Industrial.
> *IFPB,* Campus Cajazeiras.
> Currículo Lattes: clique aqui <>.
> Diretório de Grupos de Pesquisa: clique aqui 
> <>.
> E-mail acadêmico: fernando.morais at 
> <mailto:fernando.morais at>

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