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Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Wed Jan 10 14:28:19 UTC 2018

Hi Thomas,
Looks interesting!

Forwarding to the KDE Edu mailing list in case someone is interested.
Maybe you would be interested in Life Exam becoming a KDE project?


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From: Thomas Weissel <valueerror at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Introduction to life-exam and life-builder
To: enterprise at kde.org

hello fellow enterprise mailinglist readers and allmighty developers
of my distibution/desktopshell of choice.. (kde-neon)

i want to give you a short introduction of 2 applications i'm working
on as well as to the whole project.

i don't want to waste your time so i make it short.

this is the project:

it is a kde-neon based remastered system tailored for schools -
everything we need at our school is on there and students are enabled
to use free software and keep the whole system in their pocket on an
usb flashdrive.

as part of this project two important applications have been developed
and reached release candidate state:




with life-exam i provide an easy to use system for schools to manage
the upcoming digital exams .. students can Bring Their Own Device -
boot from the flashdrive - connect to their teachers laptop via local
accespoint, or the schools infrastructure or the ap from a mobile
device and their systems can be switched into a secure exam state
where information can be distributed by mouseclick (from the teacher)
and the students work is stored automatically on the teachers
computer. the whole featurelist would make this introduction a long
one.. so i stop here :-)  - i provide a (german) howto.pdf on the
webpage with all of the available information around the project.  the
current version is not available as iso file yet but i will upload

with life-builder i provide a solution for remastering, branding,
adjusting the system and make a distributable copy via mouseclick.
it's based on remastersys. since remastersys is not developed anymore
and some knockoffs exist but don't do what i need i decided to write
my own fork and make it better. (not featurecomplete yet).   you can
copy the iso file to a usb device directly from the application. it
also allowes to make an exact copy of the running flashdrive to
another flashdrive (or several conected flashdrives)  see the
screenshots on github ;-)  or here  http://life-edu.eu/news.html

Everything is coded in Python, Qt and Bashscript so it's very easy to
read and understand and i made a lot of comments in the code to
explain what it does..  so if someone wants to jump in - test it -
help as bugsquad or translate the thing...  i would love to have you
on board...

I know little to nothing about packaging or doing proper translations
(the UI is in german right now) - so if you find it interesting and
wanna contribute..  it's open source :-)
if you found a bug, have an idea for a feature..  be so kind and post
it on the github page

thank you,
have a nice day!

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