KDE-Edu has been invited to an education event in Brussels

Paul Brown paul.brown at kde.org
Fri Feb 23 21:02:30 UTC 2018


We are looking to extend the range of events we go to so we can reach a larger 
audience. One thing we have been talking about is trying to reach more 
teachers. Thanks to your work, this is something we can do, so we have been 
looking for events where teachers, school principals, and parents may 

The other day someone sent me this:


I talked to the organiser and he says the organisation would be very happy 
that we participated. We can have a booth (at no cost), run workshops, stage 
demos, give talks, etc.

Note that this is not an event where you would go to talk with other 
developers. The technical behind-the-scenes aspects of your software is 
unimportant for the audience that will attend. This is a place where teachers, 
students and parents with possibly zero programming knowledge will want to 
test your software and check its usefulness in the classroom.

This means, apart from your knowledge of the applications themselves (due to 
having created them), your experience in teaching, or your experience of 
working with teachers, students and schools who used the software, will also 
be helpful.

What do you want to do with this?



P.S.: I have not told the organisation we would attend. I have only asked if 
we could attend, so no pressure.
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