D17697: Fix the list of file types in Kig "Open File" dialog

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Mon Dec 24 14:29:54 GMT 2018

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> yurchor wrote in kig.cpp:221
> Alms for the poor... I'm not a professional system programmer (it's obvious from the code, I think).
> This is the recommended approach to deal with such cases:
> https://blogs.kde.org/node/3919
> I just followed the pattern as you have observed.
> I have tried to make it like this:
> https://phabricator.kde.org/D17738
> but it does not compile.
> I tried to google "creating QObjects on the stack"  but it does not give some fast results. Can you recommend something to read about this?

I was aware of the blogpost you posted (and hoped not to see it again), It's from 2009 and I'm not sure it applies today, I need to test. but with that blogpost in mind, I would say "Meh, then it's good"

On the stack means that the variable is not a pointer,

QFileDialog dlg;

but if that crashes the app because of dbus... not worth it.

  R331 Kig


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