D17739: Add a po file for the list of words in GCompris

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  The aim of this diff would be to add a po containing all the words to be translated in the lang activity (https://gcompris.net/incoming/lang/words.json) to ease the work for the translators.
  Multiple questions:
  1. Is it useful for translators to have it in a po format (in KDE translation repository) instead of a json file (which is only in GCompris repository)?
  2. Which information would be needed to have in the translator comments? The images given in comment should help to understand the context, not sure if more is needed.
  3. I'm really not used to awk, maybe there is some cleaner way to write what I did if someone is interested :).

  The first idea is to fill the existing po with the words in locales already available (those in https://cgit.kde.org/gcompris.git/tree/src/activities/lang/resource) to not lose the existing work or duplicate the translators work.
  Then, once the po files are ok, when there are updates, synchronize the po files with the json files (so translators would only need to update the po files, no more updating manually the json files).

  R2 GCompris



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