D17404: [GCI 2018] GCompris: Add keyboard controls support to Memory activities

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Dec 8 19:44:57 GMT 2018

jjazeix added inline comments.


> jjazeix wrote in memory.js:158
> sure, I'll take a look in one hour

var x = (i % columns) * items.grid.cellWidth + items.grid.anchors.margins
var y = (i / columns) * items.grid.cellHeight + items.grid.anchors.margins
items.grid.itemAt(x, y)

seems to be working (it has to be changed in getShownPair too at least).
However, I'm not sure on the exact culprit, but I've noticed the activity can freeze, if you keep pressing an arrow while you or Tux is winning a level :/. Not sure what can be the cause. Feel free to dig it, but if

  R2 GCompris


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