D16663: [import] Fix leaking AbstractFileFilters

Christoph Roick noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Dec 5 00:19:32 GMT 2018

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  Thanks for looking into this!
  I think you have a point about consistency with raw pointers. If we make sure that any use of `setFilter(filter)` is followed by releasing ownership of the `filter`, then that should be fine.
  I will add a line in the function documentation to make it clear.
  Changes to MQTT I will submit in a separate commit and remove some whitespace-only changes that I just discovered.
  Would you be fine with this solution?


> ImportFileWidget.cpp:106
> -	m_jsonOptionsWidget(nullptr),
> -	m_rootOptionsWidget(nullptr),
>  	m_fileName(fileName),

Will do this in a separate commit

> asemke wrote in ImportFileWidget.h:103
> m_currentFilter instead of currentFilter for the private member? Why mutable here?

currentFileFilter() is marked const, but m_currentFilter is changed therein.

  R262 LabPlot


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