D16429: Rewrite of Scheduler planning

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Dec 2 02:33:14 GMT 2018

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  Complete list of changes. Job selection highlight is now under control.
  - Fix move still possible just after enabling sort.
  - Fix jobs not reset after move, refactor evaluation.
  - Optimize UI refresh with manual content update after cell assignment refactoring.
  - Refactor cell assignment when adding a new job or editing one.
  - Reorder jobs automatically when "Sort Jobs by Altitude and Priority" is enabled.
  - Add a few assertions.
  - Fix management of score value zero, which is acceptable for observation.
  - Rewrite dark sky score calculation to consider seconds at most when comparing times.
  - Rewrite altitude score calculation to not modify the job startup time, move logs to caller.
  - Fix altitude cutoff issue, rewrite calculateAltitudeTime.
  - Fix altitude cutoff issue, rewrite calculateAltitudeScore.
  - Fix stability of culmination search, rewrite calculateCulminationOffset.
  - Rewrite getDarkSkyScore to use an argument date.
  - Fix job reordering algorithm.
  - Fix reset and evaluation of jobs when they are moved in the list.
  - Rewrite Moon separation algorithm.
  - Rewrite total score consolidation.
  - Adjust weather score documentation.
  - Integrity fixes for startup and estimated times of SchedulerJob.
  - Remove logs for astronomical twilight.
  - Fix for decimale display in altitude constraint log.
  - Rewrite findAltitude to duplicate code.
  - Rewrite calculateAltitudeTime.
  - Make getDarkSkyScore const on Scheduler.
  - Rewrite calculateCulmination to duplicate code.
  - Make getWeatherScore const on Scheduler.
  - Rewrite score calculations to duplicate code.
  - Rewrite planning algorithm.
  - Rewrote algorithm documentation.
  - Fixes from Phabricator comments.
  - Remove warning for infinite loop, and convert some logs in imaging duration.
  - Refresh imaging duration after sequencing when job has repeats or loops.
  - Add invariants for imaging time estimation, and fix some issues regarding duration.
  - Fix rising/setting determination, hours are already considering LST and are in [0,24[ !!
  - Add altitude and lead time columns to job table.
  - Fixed unused minimum altitude to -90 instead of -1.
  - Added lead time from a previous job to scheduler job.
  - Change the job sorting predicate to consider rise/set, introduce manual sort and reset count when re-evaluating manually.
  - Adjust lead and imaging time cell rendering and tooltip.
  - Optimize altitude calculation when rendering cells and sorting.
  - Fix job reordering and row selection (from Wolfgang).
  - Rewrite pre-evaluation of jobs.
  - Fix lead time tooltip.

  R321 KStars


  improve__visual_sort (branched from master)



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