D14965: Improve Scheduler robustness against INDI disconnections

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Aug 21 21:55:01 BST 2018

TallFurryMan added a comment.

  So, tested with regular remote indiserver, and result is not that positive, but not negative neither.
  First, cutting the network off has no particular impact on the INDI connection. What it does is it freezes interactions with drivers. If the mount is slewing, the dbus error makes the Scheduler disconnect the server. If the CCD is capturing, absolutely nothing happens, and the exposure counter just stays there at the same value forever. The INDI connection is never tested by Ekos.
  Second, stopping the remote server is properly registered by Ekos and the INDI connection is closed. Scheduler is seeing this, and retries to connect through Ekos. You were referring to indiConnectionFailureCount, but this is not involved there. That count is only used when connecting devices. Ekos doesn't attempt to connect more than once.
  So basically, differential works, but more safeguards need to be installed. Capture probably needs a timeout for instance, as it doesn't seem to be polling the driver, but merely receiving notifications.

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