D14942: Connect new-image event to Scheduler imaging time estimator.

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Mon Aug 20 08:18:37 BST 2018

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  This change connects the Scheduler to the new-image signal sent by the Capture module.
  It triggers a refresh of the capture storage, and updates the time estimation of all jobs.
  This can't be a simple +1 in the count of the running job because of duplicates.
  Note that ANY new-image coming from the Capture module will trigger a refresh, even if the Scheduler is not running.
  This is not expected to be an issue as currently all jobs, whatever their state (even being edited), can be re-evaluated without issue.

  Create a scheduler job list, with or without duplicates, using sequence jobs with or without duplicates.
  Run the Scheduler, check capture counts are properly updated (beware, that can be quite difficult to follow in complex cases).
  Without the change, no capture count is updating.
  With the change, relevant capture counts update, as well as imaging durations, resulting in proper evaluation of imaging time left (yay!).
  There's an issue that raises from this test, but not exactly a real issue, more a consequence of the implementation.
  Because the Capture module has options to add a Filter and a Duration suffix (and that those options are effectively optional),
  and because the Scheduler is recognizing capture files from the beginning of the file *name*, captures without suffix *and* captures with
  suffix will be counted for a scheduler job using a sequence *without* suffix. On the opposite, a scheduler job using a sequence *with*
  suffix will not count capture files *without* suffix.
  If we really want to fix that issue all the way through, we need to look into the FITS header to match the capture file with the sequence
  properties. Do we need to go there now?

  R321 KStars

  improve__scheduler_image_update (branched from master)



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