D14813: Adding XPlanet Viewer

Robert Lancaster noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Aug 16 00:16:02 BST 2018

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  I made a bunch of Pino's and Jasem's changes, as well as adding much more functionality and improving the interface.  But it looks like when I updated this, Pino's comments got shifted around somehow, so now I can't see what code they were originally for.


> lancaster wrote in xplanetimageviewer.cpp:748-749
> An interesting question.  I found that I was having trouble getting the view (imagelabel) to display and update without using the resize method.  repaint, paint, update, did not work.  But this did work.  I can try again.

Ok I went back and looked at the issue.  It was because the resize event was required to update the picture in the image viewer class since the picture never changed like it does in xplanet viewer.  I fixed this just now by providing a different method.

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