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kqwyf added a comment.

  In D14738#309034 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D14738#309034>, @pino wrote:
  > Nitpick: please provide a consistent indentation in the new files -- they seem to mix spaces and tabs.
  >  Also, was this tested when cantor is built without the Discount library? How does it behave when trying to add/edit markdown entries, and trying to load worksheets with such entries?
  When it is build without the Discount library, the markdown entries behave just like text entries when trying to add/edit/load them.
  Another bug was found: when re-editing a markdown entry in a Cantor without Discount library, the latex code will disappear. This is because some variables (e.g. `html`) and codes only for markdown renderring are still in use. I will include all the overridden functions in `#ifdef`. This way it will work just as the TextEntry.
  Sorry but I'm not sure about the rule to bump the ui version number. What number should it become? Maybe `2.1`?

  R55 Cantor


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