D14653: note_names

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jjazeix added inline comments.


> ActivityInfo.qml:33
> +  goal: qsTr("To develop a good understanding of note position and naming convention. To prepare for the piano player and composition activity.")
> +  prerequisite: qsTr("None")
> +  manual: qsTr("Identify the notes correctly and score a 100% to complete a level.")

just leave it empty if none is needed

> NoteNames.qml:53
> +                // If the key pressed matches the note, pass the correct answer as parameter, else pass a wrong answer.
> +                if(event.key === Qt.Key_1) {
> +                    isCorrectKey('C')

you can use a map of <Qt.Key_*, key> to simplify more

> jjazeix wrote in NoteNames.qml:240
> need a translator comment to understand the string

you can just say it's a percentage, translators won't know what is parent.value

> dataset_01.qml:23
> + */
> +import QtQuick 2.1
> +


  R2 GCompris


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