D14601: Rework scheduler startup to merge execution paths.

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Sat Aug 4 14:22:19 BST 2018

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  Reworked Scheduler startup functions so that all execution paths use "startJobEvaluation".
  Function "startJobEvaluation" is also called when clicking button "Only evaluate jobs".
  D-Bus interface "resetAllJobs" is altered to execute an evaluation too.

  In the context of starting the Scheduler, create or load a set of Scheduler Jobs.
  Note there is a difference in this Test Plan between full evaluation and on-th-fly evaluation:
  - Full evaluation resets the states of all Scheduler Jobs and unconditionally refreshes the capture storage.
  - On-the-fly evaluation is lighter, does not check storage, and only applies to IDLE, EVALUATION and ABORTED jobs.
  If loading, full evaluation is called after the XML load is successful.
  If creating, on-the-fly evaluation is called every time a control is updated.
  Note the regression with Track/Align/Focus/Guide in that context, will be fixed later on.
  Start the Scheduler, full evaluation is called.
  This fix eliminates remaining issues with capture counts not proper in the Scheduler.
  Now the correct captured frame map is transferred to the capture module and we can start fixing things there.

  R321 KStars

  bugfix__scheduler_startup_rework (branched from master)



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