T7155: Create a Herald rule to add KDE Edu as Subscriber for new Differential Revisions of KDE Edu software

Filipe Saraiva noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Oct 8 09:16:30 UTC 2017

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  When someone add `KDE Edu` as subscriber in some Differential Revision, an e-mail is sent to KDE Edu mailing list. We (developers in Edu Sprint 2017) would like to have a Herald rule to do it automatically for each KDE Edu software. Review Board provided a feature like that, so this request will bring back this feature for us again.
  Currently the KDE Edu software are the follow:
  - Artikulate
  - Blinken
  - Cantor
  - GCompris
  - KAlgebra
  - Kalzium
  - Kanagram
  - KBruch
  - KGeography
  - KHangMan
  - Kig
  - Kiten
  - KLettres
  - KmPlot
  - Kst
  - KStars
  - KTouch
  - KTurtle
  - KWordQuiz
  - LabPlot
  - Marble
  - Minuet
  - Parley
  - Rocs
  - Step


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