Making KDE software the #1 choice for research and academia

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at
Tue Oct 3 23:53:43 UTC 2017

Dear KDE Edu, RKward and Kile communities,
I'm writing to you directly in case some of you might not follow the 
kde-community mailing list or Planet KDE regularly:
In mid-August, after Akademy, KDE started a process to set goals for the 
community to focus on over the next 3-4 years [1].

Since then, we've been collecting proposals for such goals, and one proposal I 
sent in was "Making KDE software the #1 choice for research and academia" [2].

I know that KDE has a lot of great software to offer for research and 
academia, but in my opinion currently we're not as present there as we should 

That's why I'd like KDE as a community to strengthen our ties to institutions 
and organizations in that field, and make our software even better through 
communication and collaboration with them (and possibly even funding from 
More details can be found in the Phabricator ticket [2].

If you think this is a worthy goal to pursue, I'd be happy if you could join 
the discussion on the ticket, and ideally add yourself to the "I am willing to 
put work into this" section of the description.

Thank you,

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