Review Request 130124: parley: Add locale name to column title

Dimitris Kardarakos dimkard at
Wed May 10 09:44:50 UTC 2017

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: parley


In editor mode, when the same column is displayed, coming from different languages, it is impossible to find out the source language. E.g. when Word Type is visible, for both English and Spanish, both columns are displayed as Word Type, at the header of the table. In terms of this solution, locale name has been added to each column title (since it is more compact than language name).


  src/collection/vocabularymodel.h 846f39b 
  src/collection/vocabularymodel.cpp 582701b 
  src/editor/vocabularycolumnsdialog.cpp fc08c1e 



Collections have been edited and practiced and everything worked as expected.


Dimitris Kardarakos

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