Regarding Contributing to LabPlot

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Thu Jun 1 07:22:01 UTC 2017

Hi Shashwat,

the ideas you're mentioning are most probably the ideas for GSoC2017, 
right? Those projects are already work in progress. Apart from this we 
have many other tasks/ideas in our backlog .

For the development C++ is a must, of course. For tasks like this one the knowledge of QML is of advantage.

Also have a look at the contribute-section of our homepage: . We plan to add some more 
interesting example projects soon. So, if you have here some ideas you 
can also contribute without coding. Especially, with some knowledge of 
CAS and some technical background (education in physics, engineering, 
etc.) you can help to create tutorials similar to examples listed here



On 31.05.2017 20:16, Shashwat Mishra wrote:
> Hello.I was going through the ideas section and found the ideas listed 
> under LabPlot application quite interesting.So what other language or 
> concepts do I need to know besides C++ for contributing or working on 
> a project under LabPlot application?

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