D698: Port from WebKit to WebEngine.

Anthony Fieroni noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Dec 29 06:13:09 UTC 2017

anthonyfieroni added inline comments.


> CMakeLists.txt:29-30
> +
>        ${Qt5WebKitWidgets_LIBRARIES}
>        ${Qt5WebKit_LIBRARIES}
>        ${Qt5Sql_LIBRARIES}

You now depends on 2 engines, WebEngine and Webkit. So to be port complete remove Webkit or make it optional (last one will introduce many compile time conditional code) Situation is the same for other executables.

> MarbleLegendBrowser.cpp:86-88
> +//TODO: no easy way to delegate links
> +//    page()->setLinkDelegationPolicy( QWebEnginePage::DelegateAllLinks );
> +//    connect( this, SIGNAL(linkClicked(QUrl)), this, SLOT(openLinkExternally(QUrl)) );

Docs <https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtwebenginewidgets-qtwebkitportingguide.html> says it will be overridden  QWebEnginePage::acceptNavigationRequest

> MarbleLegendBrowser.cpp:398
> +//TODO: No api to support extracting DOM elements.
> +//    QWebElement box = page()->mainFrame()->findFirstElement("input[name="+name+']');
> +//    if (!box.isNull()) {

http://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-5.5/qwebframe.html#findFirstElement ?

> PopupItem.cpp:400
> +
> +//TODO: No api for printing the web page.
> +//    QPrinter printer;

It has https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qwebenginepage.html#print

  R34 Marble


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