Great job on KTouch

sebastian.gottfried at sebastian.gottfried at
Wed Dec 6 10:14:28 UTC 2017

Hi Andreas,

> I've been out of the loop for quite a while (work, family, ... the 
> usual
> RL time-eaters) and after several years (!) I installed KTouch again. I
> like the new approach a lot - slimmed down do the basics and a nice
> typing interface.
Thanks for the kind words.

> I'd love to do some work again (re-add support for other keyboard
> layouts and training lectures), but setting up a KDE development
> environment has become so tricky/time consuming (especially on a
> Ubuntu/debian based system)...
That would be great. Working in a team is always nicer than alone.

Currently I am working new course and lesson selection interface. This 
will address the most prominent point of criticism the new design has 
received. Currently, it is not obvious what one has to do train a 
keyboard layout you are currently not use on your computer.

The support for all the keyboard layouts is still there. It's just 
hidden really well. Try to switch the keyboard layout on your computer 
and see what happens.

What I usually do to set up a development env is to install all 
development dependencies with the package manager.

$ apt-get build-dep ktouch

This should install everything you need to start developing (except the 
IDE of your choice) if you are an recent distro release. The development 
version of KTouch depends on Qt 5.9 which is not super new, but still 
quite a recent release.

If you want start contributing again you should built the 
'homescreen-ng' branch. This where I develop the new course and lesson 
selection screen.

Best regards,

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