Review Request 130217: kbruch- Change QCheckBoxes under "Answer" section to QRadioButtons to avoid multiple checks.

Aman Gupta gupta2140 at
Sat Aug 5 18:47:02 UTC 2017

Patch for Bug ID-357675 review request at
Replaced QCheckbox objects named "m_AnswerMixedCheck" and
"m_ReducedCheck" to QRadioButton to select only one option in
displaying the type of Answer(either Mixed Fraction or Reduced form).
It works successfully without any bugs fulfilling the objective of the
patch. QCheckBoxes under "Answer Section" replaced with QRadioButtons,
changes reflected to both, MainQtWidget.h as well as MainQtWidget.cpp.
Diff files and screenshots before and after the patch are attached in
the review request.
Someone please review it!

Aman Kumar Gupta
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