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Thu May 26 14:52:46 UTC 2016


Build URL:,compiler=gcc/6/
Project: PLATFORM=Linux,compiler=gcc
Date of build: Thu, 26 May 2016 14:51:43 +0000
Build duration: 40 sec

Revision e17a70a639f6f769f891eb8c32bdb7f94ba8a846 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Fix binding loop with Qt 5.6)
  change: edit src/qml/Main.qml
Revision ddeef917cc099c7a360da1f7f132e884b6e95206 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Fix layout minors.)
  change: edit src/qml/TrainerSessionScreen.qml
Revision bfa52d01b8d0611a98835ee0e2a4d2c53c0d2323 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Fix crash on first course install)
  change: edit src/core/trainingsession.cpp
Revision d7e09b93ad36fe406fd86b50588246a72d118ebc by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Register learning goals on demand)
  change: edit src/mainwindow.cpp
  change: edit src/core/resourcemanager.h
  change: edit src/core/resourcemanager.cpp
  change: edit src/core/trainingsession.cpp
  change: edit liblearnerprofile/src/profilemanager.cpp
Revision e232c9c3c9a6f1d5b4c7f4fd4b8e85fc8417b3ff by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Use correct goal's language id)
  change: edit liblearnerprofile/src/profilemanager.cpp
  change: edit src/core/trainingsession.cpp
  change: edit liblearnerprofile/src/profilemanager.h
Revision 543d2b5bab2e114631b4c095bcb0a77bc1e918cf by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Load welcome screen when no course is available)
  change: edit src/qml/Main.qml
Revision 270ea3d056c83b71b13721b62ced3af1e4b97726 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Bump minor version)
  change: edit src/CMakeLists.txt
Revision 179560552ae338811bd08ae85dd87daf90ee1dfc by Andreas Cord-Landwehr: (Bump to dev version number)
  change: edit src/CMakeLists.txt

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