Review Request 127891: Parley: Quickly edit vocabularies during practice

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Wed May 11 04:14:30 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu and KDE Usability.

Bugs: 170534

Repository: parley


I have implemented a wish request (bug 170534) I would very much see in Parley: Add an option to edit the vocabulary during practice. To keep the review request small, I have implemented the quick edit option only for Flashcard practice. However, the approach is easy to extend.

I took the following approach:

* The QLabel displaying the question/solution is replaced by a custom widget.
* The widget is designed to behave similar to a QLabel, but it adds an additional action to the right-click context menu: "Edit vocabulary entry" (see screenshot 1).
* When this option is selected, the QLabel is swapped with a QLineEdit and two ToolButtons for "Accept" and "Cancel" (see screenshot 2).
* Clicking the "Cancel" button brings back the Label displaying the question/solution.
* Clicking the "Accept" button or pressing enter brings back the question/solution label and emits the entryEdited() signal.
* This signal is passed on to Practice State Machine as questionEdited() or solutionEdited() which modifies the vocabulary entry.

The approach does not make the quick edit option very obvious. Instead, I have opted for not changing the look and feel of the application. Another option would be to add an "edit" ToolButton (see screenshot 3).


  src/CMakeLists.txt fd352de 
  src/practice/abstractfrontend.h f5f9552 
  src/practice/editable_label.ui PRE-CREATION 
  src/practice/editablelabel.h PRE-CREATION 
  src/practice/editablelabel.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  src/practice/flashcardmodewidget.cpp ced6ca6 
  src/practice/practice_widget_flashcard.ui e1aa099 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.h b67ba32 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp 8756592 
  src/practice/rightclickeditlabel.h PRE-CREATION 
  src/practice/rightclickeditlabel.cpp PRE-CREATION 



Flashcard practice.

Started editing -> Canceled edit
Started editing -> Accepted edit -> Confirmed that vocabulary was modified
Started editing -> Pressed continue/Answer later/Hint

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Additional context menu entry
Edit vocabulary entry
Edit tool button


Julian Helfferich

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