Review Request 127505: Parley: Randomize order of letters in Mixed Letters Practice

Julian Helfferich julian.helfferich at
Sun Mar 27 02:13:46 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu and Inge Wallin.

Bugs: 360239

Repository: parley


The order of letters in the Mixed Letter Practice is currently not randomized. Instead, the letters are only shifted vertically (see bug 360239).

Now, I use KRandomSequence::randomize() to shuffle the list of characters comprising the solution. The KRandomSequence is a member of MixedLettersModeWidget. Thus, it gets instantiated each time the Mixed Letters Practice is started. I also use KRandomSequence::getInt() instead of KRandom::random() for consistency.

I have added Inge Wallin to the reviewers, because she replaced KRandomSequence with KRandom about a year ago. Is there a good reason not to use KRandomSequence?


  src/practice/mixedlettersmodewidget.h f2acaa1 
  src/practice/mixedlettersmodewidget.cpp adc53cd 



Build and tested on Kubuntu 15.10:

Practiced vocabulary using Mixed Letter Practice and confirmed that letters are randomized.


Julian Helfferich

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