Fwd: [GSoC 2016] Julia backend for Cantor

Filipe Saraiva filipe at kde.org
Sun Mar 20 19:55:50 UTC 2016

Em 18-03-2016 17:40, Иван Лахтанов escreveu:
> Hello, KDE-edu team!
> I want to participate Google Summer of Code this year. My friend
> recommended me to apply for KDE projects and I am a big fun of Qt and KDE.
> I looked through the ideas list and choosen "Julia backend for Cantor
> <https://community.kde.org/GSoC/2016/Ideas#Project:_Backend_for_Julia>".
> I am student of Moscow State University Mechanics and Mathematics
> department and have experience on porting Julia math library to Python
> 2 during one of my courseworks.
> I have already developed executing Julia commands and attaching the
> current patch with this email. If you expect me to do more as
> preliminary task tell me and I will try to hurry until proposal deadline.

Hello Ivan, thank you for the patch, looks like you did an interesting work.
But your patch is reverting/removing the files and contributions of you did.

Please could you fix the patch? Did You submit a project to GSoC?

Best regards;

Filipe Saraiva

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